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Configure: Load Files, Conversion, Changeover, Cross reference services

SKU: Load Files
Activant provides a number of services to help customers convert files and load up to date information into their computer system.
  • Conversions from other computer systems
  • Cross Reference Files (OEM, AC-DELCO & Motorcraft)
  • On-Line Change-over services
  • Quickstart Files
  • Zapstart Full Files Loads

Data Products

   Conversion Services - A8699i
  Activant can convert inventory from other computer systems in order to load your system
   Cross Reference Files - A8462BPi
  Cross reference files are full line loads of Origonal Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), AC-DELCO or Motorcraft part numbers to cross over to your Aftermarket Parts.
   On-Line Changeover - A8302Ai
  On-Line Changeover provides customers with an automatic service to change out their inventory from the old line to the new overnight. Activant will provide 3 list and will load exact crossover part numbers:
  • One for one change over items where sales history and quantities can be changed over automatically
  • No cross over number exit for the old part number
  • Multiple part numbers exist to cross over from the old part number 
   Quickstart Line load - A8462Ai
  Quickstart Line load provides an individual product line load file for your computer system.
   Zapstart - A8012i
  Full Load service for a new customer. Fill out a Zapstart workbook and Activant will provide you all the product lines you request in the form of a large load file.

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