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Configure: Document Imaging (DI)

SKU: A160064
An in house Document Image system that can digitize all of your most important documents. All customers with this product store invoice, credits and statements. You can quickly find, fax or Email these forms to your customers. Even save paper by bulk Email of statements with associated invoices to your customers. Additional applications: Signature Capture to get signed invoices off PDA devices of deliveries loaded to DI. Web Access so customers can look up their own invoices and statements on a DI web site. WebLink to interface customer documents to your ECommerce Web Site. Whiteboard is a fully integrated delivery tracking program with DI.

Prism Software

Document Imaging - A160064i
  Store and retrieve any document electronically using Document Imaging. Have all invoices, Credits, & Statements Emailed or faxed to customers that will accept them that way. Save paper and have a more professional image by laser printing multiple copies of signed invoice on one piece of paper and sent with the customers statements. Save time filing, searching and storing all those documents. Additional modules: - Whiteboard, track delivery's - Web Access, Off site web site access to documents - WebLink, Link customer's documents to your Web site - Signature Capture for getting delivery signatures

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