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Configure: Enconcert FSA, EBT and credit card solution

SKU: Enconcert
Enconcert FSA, EBT, and credit card solution

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) cards are becoming the standard payment method for prescriptions and over the counter (OTC) drugs and supplies. In fact, MasterCard estimates that 75% of all out of pocket medical expenses, over $200 billion a year, are paid by an FSA or HRA debit card. In addition, 78% of employees with FSAs will have an FSA debit card1. Can you take the chance that your customers may go elsewhere if you do not accept FSA/HRA debit cards?

In addition, do you also sell food items that qualify for the US Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)? If so, you should can also accept the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) debit cards for low income customers to purchase US SNAP and WIC approved food items and to obtain state assistance cash they can use in the store for basic necessities.

Activantís high speed authorization solution provides the ability to accept FSA/HRA debit cards, EBT cards and normal credit cards in one package. The high speed authorization is provided by Enconcert Store, a third-party software package that is fully integrated into Activant Eagle to provide fast and seamless payment from card swipe to final settlement. With Activant Eagle, customers can choose what payment method is appropriate at Point of Sale and the Eagle system will separate the items and payment methods depending on if the items are FSA debit card approved, EBT card approved or non-approved. Our system separates the FSA eligible items during checkout and allows only the FSA eligible items to be paid by FSA debit cards. On the customer receipt prescription, OTC and non-approved items are noted separately for tracking by the customer. In addition, these FSA transactions are archived on the Eagle system to meet IRS auditing requirements. Activant is a Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) certified inventory information approval system (IIAS) and Third Party Service (TPS) Provider for SIGIS. Our TPS provider certification allows our customers access to a fast-track process for SIGIS Certification. SIGIS certification allows a pharmacy or drug store to quickly obtain the Health Card Eligible List from SIGIS needed to process FSA debit cards.

In a similar matter, our EBT authorization separates the US SNAP and WIC food items during checkout so only approved food items can be paid by the EBT debit card. On the customer receipt, EBT items are also noted separately from other items and the entire transaction is archived for auditing by federal or state entities.

This integrated FSA, EBT and credit card authorization system allows your loyal customers choice in payment and ease in using their FSA or EBT debit cards. Using high speed internet, FSA, EBT and credit card authorization is reduced to a few seconds. No more double entry into a separate bankcard device and you main POS system thereby reducing errors and speeding up checkout. With an integrated signature capture pad, you can also capture signature for all your bankcard transactions electronically. Pin based debit authorization, check verification, and electronic check conversion are also available as separate modules for this system.

  • Accepts FSA/HRA debit cards with SIGIS IIAS certification
  • Accepts EBT cards from US SNAP, WIC and state assistance programs
  • Reduces FSA, EBT and credit card authorization to a few seconds
  • Speeds the checkout process and reduces errors by eliminating double entry at point of sale

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