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Configure: Loss Prevention Evaluation

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Loss Prevention Evaluation

Virtually every business faces losses from shoplifting and other crimesóbut many donít realize that the greatest risk is from internal theft which is a full 47 percent of all shrinkage. Unfortunately, the losses donít stop there: every year, employees take millions of dollars away from their businessís bottom lines. And while outside security services may help reduce losses on the front lines of the business, they canít prevent theft in back-office processes like receiving, accounts receivable, payables and general ledger. The Activant Internal Loss Prevention Evaluation helps you discover where your business is at riskóand shows you how to minimize those losses through recommended policies, processes and system feature usage. This service, one of the most popular offered by Activant Professional Services, shows you where to implement essential checks and balances you need to prevent internal theft.

Youíll learn where you may be at risk, whether itís at point-of-sale, on the receiving dock, inside back-room bookkeeping processes or in any of dozens of other activities. Youíll also receive specific recommendations about how to use your Activant Eagleģ system to build deterrents and guard against both internal and external theft.


This is your opportunity to learn where your specific business is at greatest risk.
Schedule your evaluation now and prepare to:
  • Boost profits by identifying and eliminating weak spots in your internal controls and procedures
  • Start shutting down internal loss almost immediately by putting proper checks and balances in place
  • Grow your business more confidently by preventing internal theft and removing employee temptation
  • Get more from your Eagle investmentóand a better bottom lineóby effectively using the Eagle features designed to protect your business

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